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Familiar with your new home

When everything is taken care of at home, employees can be 100 percent present for their company. If the family is still not sure about their surroundings and has a lot of questions, they can be answered here.

International meet-ups

People from all over the world meet up on a regular (or irregular) basis with partners and families for conversation, presentations, or group activities. Interacting with like-minded people is the main focus, along with contact in and around the region. We talk about the things we need and invite people who might be able to help us with them.

Or we just have fun. Check out the schedule for the current year and join us.

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International tandem

The world is a colorful place, and in the age of the global economy it is right outside your door. Next door. Everywhere. Even in central Hesse. Professionals and managers from all over come to Lahn and Dill, and professionals and managers from Lahn and Dill can be found everywhere.

This gives us not only new dreams to share, but also the opportunity to bring these dreams to life. Everywhere. Even in Lahn and Dill. Here in central Hesse.

All of this opens up fascinating new perspectives for anyone with an eye out for opportunity. The international tandem in central Hesse is one way to do this.

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