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Familiar with your new home

When everything is taken care of at home, employees can be 100 percent present for their company. If the family is still not sure about their surroundings and has a lot of questions, they can be answered here.

Finding a home and moving in

New employees will find the right new home for them quickly and effortlessly

Finde a new home, fast!



Everything taken care of, quickly and effortlessly

School and kindergarten

It is important to get to know the German school system and the local options.
Our school system is not bad at all in comparison with other countries, so the question that always comes up is which regional school is the right choice.

There is not currently a true international school in central Hesse, but it is important to know that there are many options and ways to integrate the little ones in their school and kindergarten to make it fun and help them follow the instructional content quickly. This not only ensures that they will not miss a year of school if they leave again, but is also a wonderful opportunity to take advantage of short distances. Children here can still walk to school, and make friends to play with next door. Mom’s taxi is rarely needed.

Our club system can help out here, as well. Our children go to clubs in the afternoon and practice hobbies and sports together with other kids.