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Robert Mitchell (MBA), Sr. Global Product Manager
Global Commercial Development Coagulation, CSL Behring GmbH

My family and I are very thankful and appreciative for the professionalism, friendship and outstanding service provided to us by Mrs. Stephanie Steen of Steen Relocation Service.

Upon arriving in Marburg, we were in need of someone with local knowledge and contacts within the community to assist with ensuring a smooth transition from the United States.

The first few weeks involved some challenges with a larger relocation firm; hence we requested to have a more local contact to assist us. After our first meeting with Mrs. Steen, we felt that she was the resource we needed.

During our meeting, Mrs. Steen listened to our needs, provided us with information about Marburg and outlined a plan of action to assist my family with registration requirements at local immigration offices, interaction with the tax office, identification of housing options based on our requirements, identification of schooling needs, integration training, banking support, involvement in social gatherings with other expatriates, etc.; everything that would be needed to become a productive member of the German community.

Based on our experience, we believe the reason we were able to adapt so quickly to living in Marburg is because of Mrs. Steen was the sole point of contact within her company and demonstrated on numerous occasions the importance of having a professional that understands and has strong ties in the local community.

I would highly recommend any family relocating to the Hessen region to contact Mrs. Stephanie Steen, you and your family will be pleased with the peace of mind you will feel with her at your side.