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My profession: I help highly qualified managers and professionals from all over the world to orient and establish themselves in central Hesse for a long-term sense of well-being.

Relocation service. I am here to help!

Arriving well means feeling at home sooner

I handle everything for top professionals as they start a new position, so they can concentrate fully on their own success and get established in their new environment smoothly and quickly. I help them get to know the relevant infrastructure in the central Hesse region quickly, targeting everything from schools to shopping and cultural activities to finding a physician and the right golf club.

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Arriving right means everything is taken care of

I take care of all the formalities, from visa acquisition to registration procedures to vehicle inspections and permitting. I also organize all the documents that need to be ready for payroll processing by the first day of work, such as health insurance data, income tax forms, and a bank account.

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Customer voices:

“Ms. Steen supported us in all aspects of the relocation service with great commitment and flexibility.”

Thomas Ferber, HRM Novartis


And everything else, too

Every single new employee and their family, whether they are coming to central Hesse from Munich or Shanghai, is given as much individual and comprehensive support as they need. I take care of private tutoring for children and language courses for the family.

If needed, intercultural training can be organized as well. I am here to help with hiring household assistance and everyday concerns, such as kindergarten fees.